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About us

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As a young girl I was exposed to the world of antiques from my parents who loved auctions and shops.   I have collected all kinds of antiques since then and always dreamed of owning a shop of my own.  When I was living in Louisiana about 25 years ago I became a real dealer in a very large mall and loved it. 


I moved to Snohomish to be near my son and his family after my other son and his wife were killed in a private plane accident.  Shortly after moving here I purchased an existing antique mall in October of 2002 and named it TroyBeck Antiques as a tribute to my lost son and his wife (Troy and Becky). 


Over the years, as dealers left, I took over their spaces a little at a time making it more of my shop instead of a mall.  Several years ago I started to see one of my long time customers and we became very close.  I talked him into becoming a dealer in the shop he loved.  Together we  took over all  of the space and became the only dealers in it.  We fell in love and were married on July 28th of 2018 and are now very happily running the shop together.  


We specialize in signs both neon, metal and any kind of advertising or store display items.  We have an eclectic combination of antiques and collectibles including lots of jewelry, boy toys, dolls, lighting of all kinds, pottery, sculpture, native american and Alaskan art and artifacts, tools, furniture and lots more.  


We love our shop and all of our customers and hope you will come and meet us.

Doug & Sharon Bates

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